Flo Szczepaniak 
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and Lorraine University Graduate student

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E-mail :     florence.szczepaniak@univ-lorraine.fr

Biographical sketch

Flo graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon in France in Chemistry and Physics. During her academic course, she had a first insight into the research world through several internships. She did a first internship in experimental biochemistry with Pr. Jens Hasserod at the ENS de Lyon, France, during which she synthesized new molecules to detect some enzymes in cancerous cells. Then, she went to the University of Auckland, New-Zealand, to work with Pr. Geoff Willmott on micro-fluidics and capillarity. Finally, she worked with Pr. Elise Dumont at the ENS de Lyon, France, on computational simulations and MMPBSA calculations on bio-molecular complexes. Once this internship was over, she spend one year working with Dr. François Dehez at Nancy, France and Pr. Benoit Roux at Chicago, USA, on recognition and specificity in protein-protein interactions.She is now enrolled in a dual PhD programm on the study of Molecular Basis of Recognition and Specificity in Synaptogenesis, with Dr. Dehez et Pr. Roux.

Research areas
Modeling of protein-protein interaction, free-energy calculations in biological systems.

Recent publications

Structural and functional characterization of DdrC, a novel DNA damage-induced nucleoid associated protein involved in DNA compaction
Anne-Sophie Banneville; Claire Bouthier de la Tour; Salvatore De Bonis; Cecilia Hognon; Jacques-Philippe Colletier; Jean-Marie Teulon; Aline Le Roy; Jean-Luc Pellequer; Antonio Monari; Francois Dehez; Fabrice Confalonieri; Pascale Servant; Joanna Timmins;
Nucleic Acids Research (2022) 50 (13): 7680-7696
Biochemical and Structural Characterization of Chi-Class Glutathione Transferases: A Snapshot on the Glutathione Transferase Encoded by sll0067 Gene in the Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. Strain PCC 6803
Eva Mocchetti; Laura Morette; Guillermo Mulliert; Sandrine Mathiot; Benoit Guillot; Francois Dehez; Franck Chauvat; Corinne Cassier-Chauvat; Celine Brochier-Armanet; Claude Didierjean; Arnaud Hecker;
Biomolecules (2022) 12 (10): 1466
Galvani Offset Potential and Constant-pH Simulations of Membrane Proteins
Olivier Bignucolo; Christophe Chipot; Stephan Kellenberger; Benoit Roux;
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2022) 23 (36): 6868-6877


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